What are delivery requirements?

Usually, only catering orders of $500.00 or more can be delivered.

All our food is delivered piping hot, or refrigerated, in our fleet of custom fitted vehicles, ready for immediate consumption. Our delivery personnel will deliver & set up to your requirements.

Please Note: Due to extreme volume of business in the months of: December, April, May, June, July, and August,& September our delivery requirements may change.

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How much time in advance is needed to place an order?

How much deposit do i have to leave when my order is placed?

How can i be sure i will have enough food?

What is the difference between the "hot" and "deluxe hot" smorgasbords?

What is the payment procedure?

What about equipment deposits?

How much gratuity is expected for the wait staff?

What are delivery requirements?

Can I be sure the food is fresh?

How many guests do trays of food feed?

Do children count as a full guest?

When are tents, tales and chairs delivered?

What is the delivery are we cover?

Is there a charge for a party consultation with a Sebastiano's representative?

How about online ordering?

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