Throughout his childhood, Sebastiano LoCurto was greatly influenced with the secrets of fine Italian cooking. Everything "mamma" and "nonna" served was always homemade from scratch. Their stubbornness to use only the freshest ingredients was a virtue which Sebastiano acquired.

Emigrating from his native Sicily, Sebastiano LoCurto settled in the United States in 1957. Since the first day in the "new country" he has always worked in the food industry. His hard work and ambition played a major role in bringing his business to the level of success which warranted opening and operating several supermarkets in New York.

In 1992, with his hard work and passion for food, it was time to take these achievements to another level. A level that could combine their passion for authentic homemade food and their old world influences. The result? SEBASTIANO'S CATERERS. An off premises catering company servicing all of LONG ISLAND New York.

Since 1992, many things have changed in the catering industry. This includes an array of new equipment not previously available, catering industry standards, and board of health laws pertaining to cooking and food holding requirements, just to name a few. Rest assured Our staff is continually expanding our education in the catering industry to ensure food safety for you and your guests.

One thing that has NOT changed in 20 years is our insistence on using nothing but the finest ingredients, and serving our clients as if they were our family.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you!

Approved Suffolk County Board Of Health "Off-Premise Caterer"
Approved Suffolk County Dept of Parks Picnic Caterer